Size Guide

Most of the people enjoy online shopping to order their desired clothes at the comfort of their place. However, the disappointment of getting a dress that does not offer proper fit is also a common experience. One can find it surprising that different clothing stores have different sizing that depends on their design and source of production. This means that medium size might not be the usual medium that you use. This makes it important for the online fashion stores that they feature their page with sizing guide as well. The precise inches range is usually given by the sizing guide for all the offered sizes. This information serves helpful for the customers as they can make proper buying decisions by measuring themselves.

The size chart is not just helpful for the customers but for the online stores as well since returns are prevented when correct sizes are purchased by customers. This also prevents the condition of bad reviews and unhappy customers while can result in sales increase since customers are happy and satisfied.  As per the stats, 80% of the average returns in retail experience are due to sizing. This makes it important for websites to have detailed and clear sizing chart along with strong service terms. Some of the helpful tips for the purpose are:

Size chart must be easy to understand:

In most cases, large, medium and small cannot do the desired job and additional information is required by the online users. This could be presented with some sort of reference as well to show the fit that the garment will offer. A better product idea could also be generated with the measurements such as sleeves, inseam length and size of waist.

Added information that is not dependent on measurements and numbers:

Measuring tape is not available with everyone at home and therefore additional guides must also be provided. This will help the customers to determine their size even when the measurements are not known to them.

Chart positioning:

This is also important that the customer can easily find the size chart when a style is clicked because convenience is all that matters. It is a discouraging experience when information has to be searched and this can also lead to negative shopping experience as well.


Customers must be encouraged so that reviews are given from their side in which the sizing and fit of product is mentioned. The new customers will be able to get reference from this and brand trust is also developed.


The customers should also be able to conveniently return an item. In some cases, finding the perfect size needs some tries and having difficulty in the same can lead to destruction of comfort as well as trust. In this case, the customers are most likely to never return to that store again. So, overall it is important that the customers are kept happy and returns are avoided and having a size guide can help a lot in this process of enhancing customer shopping experience.