“You are like a global market. You can’t hide yourself from global customers! Make a global exposure of your dreams & serve the global community.” – Anonymous

In order to spread our love for sustainable slow fashion, Art Nouveau has expanded its crafty wings to the global audience and has started serving them with its niche crafted ensembles. Art Nouveau’s Jaipur studio already attracts global customers from all over the world. With global shipping of our product we have just made it easier for our international customers to get the taste of our artisans craft directly at their doorstep.

On-Line web stores have appeared as a huge blessing for the whole world. With this platform the global audience can not only wear clothing from other parts of the world but can also experience the rich cultural heritage that the artists have to offer through the ordered product. This not only enhances the moral support of our artists due to the global exposure that they receive for their artwork, but, it is also a good economical support to the artists family.

Art Nouveau is blessed to receive overwhelming love from people of various parts of the world for its slow sustainable craft. We ship our products to almost 100+ countries through impeccable services of our delivery partners DHL. The shipping costs & Delivery time period vary from country to country. On an average, the delivery time period of an order is approximately 7-15 working days.

We also have an Express Delivery option available at an additional shipping cost which may be inquired by writing to us on .

As a facilitation of easy ordering options for our International customers, we have already placed currency converter & language converter on our web-shop. With this facility our International customers can view price in their own currency as well as go through details of each product in their home language.

Additionally, below each product there is a WhatsApp chat option which directly connects the global customer with our executive. This means we can instantly answer your Queries that you may have with regard to a particular product. We also provide personalized fitting options of each style through our chat support and the same may be mentioned to us in notes section at the time of placing the order.

“Making Local & Going Global” had been Art Nouveau’s motto for 2020. With this motto we extend a helping hand to our local artists by designing and producing products keeping their artwork in mind and by making sure they have work all year through. Going global not only motivates the artists but it also supports them in both moral & monetary ways. Overall, it’s just a beautiful equation of collaborations of many people & cultures working together for some great causes.

We thank the global community whole heartedly for their overwhelming support and love extended to Art Nouveau.

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