“There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.” – Annie Leonard


Two months, a team of eleven local craftsmen, lots of waste straw from farms along with used wooden poles & slabs used in construction of buildings were our INGREDIENTS to create a RECYCLED Studio for Art Nouveau of 2100 sq. ft. for display of our slow fashion textiles.

Our Inspiration behind the design is the traditional Iglu hut made by the native Red Indians. They are a true & absolute example of Natural god gifted beauty.

At Art Nouveau, Sustainability is our core belief when it comes to creating craft. We not only adapt sustainability into our slow textiles but we also make sure that the displays we create to showcase work of our artists is also Sustainable.


RECYCLING not only ensured that our studio was eco-friendly, it also wonderfully supported farmer families supplying us the waste straw & 11 local craftsmen families who worked with our team to put this beautiful space up.

Many trips were made by our team to local villages in order to collect waste straw from the farmers. In addition, our team collected waste bamboo sticks and wooden slabs that were left over as wastage at construction sites in the city. This initiative not only supported us in creating something unique but also supported families of farmers from whom the raw materials were purchased.


We further collaborated with a team of 11 local craftsmen from Jaipur to join together bits and pieces of this waste material and give the studio a shape to as per our design.

Putting waste straw together was a real slow and tedious job, but, this is where the beauty of the design lies. Straws were tied together with strong cotton threads and small layers of straws were created that were to be joined together at a later stage. The fragrance of Natural straw is something that caught everyone’s attention and added an additional beauty to our studio.

It took us approximately 2 months to create roof, floor and walls combing everything together. What came out was absolutely gorgeous & unbelievable to our eyes.


Creating Furniture from waste bamboo sticks and wooden slabs which were a leftover wastage from construction sites of Indian houses was another challenging phase of our project. To give this a shape, we pasted straw all around the bamboos and wooden straws, followed by hand tying of material by thread to cover up the base.

Finally the wooden slabs were joined to the Bamboo sticks forming our garment stands and additional furniture of the studio was also created using this very technique.

The results were absolutely amazing and when we had our craft displayed in these racks, the feeling was just breath taking for the whole team.


After the launch of Art Nouveau Studio in 2019, Our studio is now blessed with overwhelming love and response from the local people as well as International clientele. The Studio is open 7 days a week for everyone to enjoy the craft made by our artists and is located in the heart of our beautiful Heritage city of Jaipur.

As we all stay focused on making sure that our textiles are produced in the right manner by protecting the environment, Art Nouveau is also focusing that the designs/spaces/products created by us support the local community economically. More artists we involve in creating our products means more support to more families which in turn is a huge satisfaction & a big boost for the local community.


In case you wish to schedule a visit to our STUDIO, we request you to kindly take a prior appointment by contacting our customer care team on whatsApp or by calling on our customer care number. For more information on our studio, you may please click on  the Video-Book link at the bottom of the page named as ‘Recycled Art Nouveau Studio’.

Let us all -REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, REPEAT…. Always.

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