“It’s about collaborating and putting the skills from different sectors together to find solutions that can create a more sustainable world.”
Maria Ramos


Above quote from Maria Ramos is a strong powerful message for all of us to put our forces together in order to support our sustainable cause. Art Nouveau’s sustainable philosophy runs in close line with this very quote. The whole focus of our team is to collaborate with as many local artists & craftsmen as possible and create designs with them that use Natural processes and are environment friendly.

To become sustainable, we need to be sure that the base that we have picked to create our designs is a sustainable one. With our base design skills being sustainable, our major concern of producing sustainable goods is already been taken care of.

Also, to minimize our productions, Art Nouveau works on a philosophy of ‘FREE SIZING’ added with a customized fitting facility for each style. What this means is that we produce all our styles in a Free Size and give our customers an option to get the garment customized fit by us in case it is required by them. To implement this idea strongly, Art Nouveau has mentioned in sizing column the detailed sizing of ensemble to give customer a pretty good idea of what fit they are looking at followed by an option to chat with our technical for altering the garment size.

By not producing multiple sizing and mass productions we feel we are doing our part of contributing to a Green sustainable world. Besides this each day we are on a lookout to add more ideas and techniques that can bring about more positive changes to Sustainability.


To make Sustainability a stronger part of our origin, Art Nouveau also enjoys a series of revolutions each year that contributes towards our core beliefs of sustainability.

SLOW revolution, LOCAL revolution, HOME revolution, HAND revolution, NATURAL revolution are some of the series of revolutions created by Art Nouveau in order to support its artist community and its pledge to create slow fashion through more & more sustainable practices.

#SLOW revolution initiates slow hand processes that are used to create our slow textiles. #HAND revolution supports a huge chain of talented artist & craftsmen by incorporating their art & hand processes in all the designs created by our team. #HOME revolution helps us to allow & support families by providing work at their home. #LOCAL revolution helps local artists in remote villages with regular work throughout the year through our designed ensembles. #NATURAL revolution supports Green Eco-System by using all natural organic fabrics & plant based processes in majority of our designs.

Sustainability when combined with slow fashion can bring about amazing results and changes to the world. This combination not only produces some niche textiles but also makes sure that the crafted ensemble is supporting a lot of families that are behind the product.

Art Nouveau feels absolutely blessed to have originated from origins of Sustainability and slow fashion textiles and would dedicatedly continue its support towards the same causes.

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