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“Finding opportunity is just a matter of believing it’s there.” – Barbara Corcoran

Art Nouveau is delighted to share its franchising options with sustainability believers like us both nationally & internationally.

The only way we can multiply sustainable slow fashion concepts into this world is through collaboration of like minded people. There is no better way than franchising in our view as everybody is a winner through distribution of handmade craft in this manner.

Art Nouveau will also be happy to share its ideas and products with brands outside India who in turn can collaborate with us to co-create beautiful handmade products for their own brand or partner brand.

International brands may please visit Art Nouveau’s parent company Tushar Handworks website for collaborating with us. Since 1987, Tushar Handworks has been serving multiple international ethical brands/private labels/ retailers & wholesalers with its sustainable slow fashion philosophy through a niche teamwork between both the companies.

Drop us a line or you may chat with us on the link below for any further queries.

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