Local Revolution

LOCAL REVOLUTION by Art Nouveau supports local artists in remote villages with regular work throughout the year thereby maintaining an economical balance in minorities. Villages in Jaisalmer are one of our such success stories. Our team supports approximately 350+ artists here who live in small villages in desert area. Goods are distributed in each artist houses & thereafter they are being collected, washed & hand finished by our local team located in this area. 98% of the artists supported in these villages are women.

Home Revolution

HOME REVOLUTION is one of the major revolutions by Art Nouveau that allows us to support families by providing them work at their home, whereby they can take care of family besides working. This includes our collaboration with as many as 200+ local artist families who are god gifted with art of handcraft. Our Major home revolution includes support to weavers, embroidery artists, embellishment artists, shibori artists & we are making further additions to the list each year.

Hand Revolution

HAND REVOLUTION by Art Nouveau supports a huge chain of talented artist & craftsmen by incorporating their art & hand processes in all the designs created by our team. Each month new hand processes are added to our portfolio which means added support to more & more artist families.

Slow Revolution

SLOW REVOLUTION by Art Nouveau initiates creation of small capsule collections made using slow hand processes which supports aesthetic & ethical diversities of our work community. These slow processes not only make sure that environment is being taken care of but it also emphasizes in retaining the cultural history of our ancestors.

Natural Revolution

NATURAL REVOLUTION by Art Nouveau supports Green Eco-System by using all natural organic fabrics & plant based processes in majority of our designs. An intensive research in natural hand washes is also incorporated each season in our introductory styles. This makes sure that we not only use sustainable raw material, but in due course also give it shape through sustainable processes.
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