Art Nouveau is an initiative to create sustainable handmade slow fashion textiles by incorporating work of local artists & craftsmen in designs created by our Founder & Head Designer Tushar.

Launched in 2019 and built on strategies of sustainable productions and use of natural processes to create niche slow textiles, Art Nouveau is slowly & gradually receiving overwhelming love of people both in India & Abroad.

The first symbol of people’s love for Art Nouveau was opening of its first flag ship store at Jaipur in 2019. The store was created from 100% Recycled wastage by our Head Designer following his endeavor to make Art Nouveau more and more sustainable and environment friendly.

We strive to help & support continuously our local community of artists & craftsmen through this wonderful platform which not only takes care of our environment but also provides an economical and moral support to all the families that are involved in our productions from all over India.

We remain so very thankful for your love & support and hope that your experience at Art Nouveau is certainly the best ever you have had in your entire life.

Love & Peace,



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